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What does our organization do?

At our organization, we believe that every child deserves a high-quality education. We also believe that community microschools can be an effective and inspiring way to achieve this goal.  Rather than identifying as a child-lead method, we focus on teacher leadership, the relationships between students, teacher and parents helps to steer the course of a microschool.  Our microschools are true representation of community where the good of the collective is at the forefront, while still allowing for individualized elements, when needed, due to our small group model.

But what exactly is a community microschool? It's a small, independent private school, averaging between 8-50 students. These schools are often facilitated by a trained teacher or mentor, but rely heavily on the support and involvement of parents and community members and our organization for ongoing training, support and professional mentorship throughout the development of a microschool. 


Who has the capacity to begin and support these types of schools? We believe that there are certain groups of people who are particularly well-suited to this task. These groups may include:


- Parents who are passionate about education and want to take a more active role in their children's learning.

- Educators who are looking to break away from the traditional school system and try something new and innovative.

- Community leaders who recognize the value of local, grassroots institutions and want to invest in their community's future.

- Young professionals who are looking for meaningful ways to give back to their community and make a positive impact.


Of course, the specific makeup of each group will vary depending on the community in question. What's important is that each group is unified around a set of shared, inspired principles. These might include a commitment to student-centered learning, a belief in the power of community collaboration, or a dedication to creating a more equitable and just education system.

Our Unique Approach to Education

At the heart of the microschool movement is a commitment to creating innovative educational spaces that champion the principles of oneness of humanity, unity in diversity, and spiritual equality. The nobility of children as spiritual beings, and the importance of consultation and collaboration for the betterment of both the individual and the collective are also key tenants of the Baha'i faith.  We are a secular group comprised of Baha'is and many other diverse people, who collectively agree to use the above principals to orient us in training materials, consultation and ongoing development. 


Want to know more? Request a tour.

Welcome to Service Learning Microschools,  Bahá'í-inspired private microschools that incorporate best practices and community traditions to actively foster independent, authentic, and thriving educational opportunities. We're proud to foster relationships with both local and international communities alike. And with that, we welcome the chance for those communities to join us for a day in the life of our microschool programs. 


Schedule a tour today, meet with one of our microschool guides who will provide an inside look at how we nurture small group learning and community culture through the lens of modest-sized schools inspired by the Bahai faith. Moreover, guests will have the opportunity to visit both our Tampa and Clearwater branches. Visitors can meet students from kindergarten all the way to high school ages, as well as educators and support staff members. 


These tours allow your educators and support staff team the chance to be inspired by questions and personalized solutions from your peers on starting, maintaining and advancing your own microschool programs. Additionally, seeing the development levels of microschools locally demonstrates that there are always insights to learn from others in the Bahá'í-inspired organizational space.


During the tours, you'll see our microschool programs in action. We're confident that you'll gain valuable hands-on experience, learn more about education through independence, socialization through routine community projects, how microschool initiatives evolve based on existing community cultures, and so much more.     


To request a tour in Tampa or Clearwater at any of our microschools, contact us today at (727) 460-7252 or email Tours to our Clearwater and Tampa Branches average 4-5 hours including lunch and Q&A.  We look forward to seeing both local and far-away community members joining our space!

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